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Zyqual is the ultimate solution for performance appraisal and progress management. Whether you're an educational institution, a medical clinic or a business, Zyqual is designed to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Our team of tech entrepreneurs are passionate about innovation and dedicated to improving systems worldwide. With our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support, Zyqual is the key to unlocking your potential and realizing your ambitions. Join the revolution today and discover what Zyqual can do for you!

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With Zyqual, everything is done quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – improving student outcomes.


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1562 +

Active Schools

28908 +

Active Teachers

50000 +

Completed Appraisals

275000 +

Lessons Shared

30000 +

IPDP Completed
Jamaica Ministry Of Education and the Jamaica Teaching Council


with the JTC & MoEY

Exciting news! Zyqual has partnered with JTC and is seeking more education stakeholders to collaborate with. Join us in revolutionizing education today. #education #partnership

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Looking for professional support to get the most out of Zyqual's features? Look no further than our team of certified trainers. Our trainers are experts in Zyqual's application and can help you and your school get the most out of our platform. From customized training sessions to ongoing support, our trainers are dedicated to helping you improve your practice and achieve your goals.

Marsheline Woodhouse-Hodges

Myton Worrell

Active Schools​

Schools Empowered by Zyqual​

Discover the schools currently benefiting from Zyqual's advanced services.​

Liberty Academy at the Priory

Watsonton Primary

Maud McLeod High

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Make a difference in the education system of Jamaica by contributing to Zyqual. Your support can help us to continue to innovate and provide our services at an affordable rate. Join us in shaping the future of education in Jamaica.

Image of a bar chart displaying data in a clear and concise manner. The chart represents the Zyqual Progress Management System, a cutting-edge technology designed to simplify the appraisal process and track teachers' progress. This image illustrates the power of data-driven insights to enhance professional development and improve teacher performance.
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