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Zyqual’s Teaching Strategies Library feature provides a vast bank of teaching strategies that teachers can use to enhance their teaching practices. These strategies are contributed by teachers themselves and are rated based on their effectiveness. The library can be searched for strategies by subject, topic or student category, and teachers can use the ratings to select the most effective ones for their lessons. This feature also allows teachers to share their own strategies and rate those of their colleagues, creating a community of teachers that can support each other’s professional development.

At the Individual Teacher Level, this feature provides teachers with a wide range of teaching strategies to use in their lessons, giving them the ability to adapt to the needs of their students and improve their teaching practices.

At the Subject Level, teachers can collaborate with their colleagues to develop effective teaching strategies for their subject area.

At the Department Level, the head of department can use the data to provide guidance and support for their department, ensuring that all teachers have access to the most effective strategies.

At the QEC and regional level, the Teaching Strategies Library can provide a platform for collaboration between schools, enabling teachers and leaders to share effective teaching strategies and practices. At the national level, the Jamaica Teaching Council can use the data to identify best practices and provide training or support to all schools in areas where improvement is needed. This feature can also contribute to the overall improvement of the education system in Jamaica, by providing a central repository of effective teaching strategies that can be used to enhance student learning outcomes.

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